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Calendar software
Calendar Program and Task Scheduler with Android, iPhone, Blackberry, and Windows Mobile support, Alarms and Web Calendars
Multiple calendar views
Task scheduling
Recurring events and tasks
Mobile devices
Quick filtering
Web calendars
128 bit encryption
Customizable event templates
Comprehensive reminder features
Drag & Drop
Import & Export
Archiving & Backups
Customizable print styles
Undo & Redo support
Windows® 10 support
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Multi-user calendar software
Multi-user calendar program
Share tasks and events in your organization
Plan private tasks and common events
Assign events to groups or individuals
Print or publish calendars on the Web
Manage user access rights
Maintain private and public items
Attach documents
Easy to install, configure, and use
Save time and money with low system requirements and easy learning curve
Windows® 10 support
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Free digital desktop clock
Keep your time synchronized with Atomic Time Servers
Customizable clock display
Synchronization with atomic
time servers all over the world
Swatch Internet Time
Real Westminster chimes
Sound at the top of the hour
and on the half hour
Upcoming reminders of Calendarscope
Native x64 support
Windows® 10 support
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 October 29, 2017

DS Clock v3.0 (Official)
has been released.

 March 16, 2017

Calendarscope Network Edition v7.0 (Official)
has been released.

HandySync Network Edition for Google v4.0

has been released.

 February 15, 2017

Calendarscope v9.0 (Official)
has been released.

Calendarscope Portable Edition v9.0 (Official)
has been released.

HandySync for Google v5.0

has been released.

 August 25, 2016

Calendarscope v8.0.2 (Official)
has been released.

Calendarscope Network Edition v6.0.1 (Official)
has been released.

 August 18, 2016

Calendarscope Network Edition v6.0 (Official)
has been released.