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 Single-User Software  Unit Price
 HandyPIM - Home License $39.95
 HandyPIM - Business License   $49.95 *
 HandyPIM - Family Pack (Five Home License Pack) $64.95
 Calendarscope - Home License $29.95
 Calendarscope - Business License   $39.95 *
 Calendarscope - Family Pack (Three Home License Pack) $49.95
 Calendarscope Portable - Home License $39.95
 Calendarscope Portable - Business License   $49.95 *
 Calendarscope Portable - Family Pack $69.95
 HandySync for Google $19.95
 HandySync for Google - Family Pack (Three Home License Pack) $34.95
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 Multi-User Software (no auto-renewal)  Unit Price
 Calendarscope Network Edition - 5-User Pack $249.95
 Calendarscope Network Edition - 10-User Pack $449.95
 Calendarscope Network Edition - 15-User Pack $655.95
 Calendarscope Network Edition - 20-User Pack $849.95
 Calendarscope Network Edition - Other Ask
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 HandySync Network Edition for Google $19.95
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Licensing Terms
  • All licenses are perpetual — there's no expiration date.
  • Each license includes one year of software maintenance.
Electronic Delivery
  • You should receive an email with your activation code in a few minutes after the purchase. If you didn't receive your email within one hour, please check your spam filter first, and then contact us.
Software Maintenance
  • Software maintenance entitles you to free updates and priority support.
  • The annual auto-renewal fee is 30% of the current list price.
  • Auto-renewal can be cancelled at any time.
Frequently Asked Questions

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